Canaries vs. Parakeets

   Canaries and parakeet’s are two different species of domesticated birds. They often are compared as the same species however they aren’t. A canary comes in a variety of different colors that aren’t provided within the parakeet species. In the seven varieties of color that canaries come in  have a different personality life span and different characteristics that you would know if you were an expert. You would be able to tell that a canary is way better than the species of a parakeet because of the small beaks that canaries have that are about two inches shorter than a parakeet. In this case it means that they are more likely to bite you if you aren’t careful enough. When a parakeet comes in blue or green you can tell it apart from a canary because it has two colors. a canary has only one primary color that can be found in yellow, green, brown. they have a distinct personality too. Parakeets are far more aggressive and are more prone to bite humans or anything that may be disturbing them. When a canary has a softer or more shy personality causing them to be more likable and often adopted or bought faster than a parakeet. The next time you walk into a petstore looking to buy a specific bird whether it be a parakeet or a canary it is important to know the difference because you might end up with the wrong species or best friend you were looking for to take home to your families.


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